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If you haven't stayed in a villa before you'll probably have some concerns about what to do, and if your dream villa will turn out to be a run down van on a trailer park. This section is to reassure you.

All the villas advertised on this site are privately owned and managed by their owners. You can search for a villa which meets your criteria, and we will make contact with the owners on your behalf. After that the owners will deal directly with you, so you can get all the answers to any questions you may have.

Although they are owned privately, all villa owners employ a local management company who will be on hand to resolve any problems which you may have with your villa.

So how do you choose a villa - well there is no one perfect villa. All of the homes on this site are within 20 minutes drive of Disney World, all have pools and air-conditioning, and all are furnished and equipped to a higher standard than you would expect from even the best hotels. So the bottom line is any villa would probably suit you just fine. There are however subtle differences between them. A businessman on vacation might look for a villa with internet access and free phone calls so he can stay in touch with the office, whilst a young family might prefer a villa where the bedrooms have been themed with disney characters. It's all a matter of choice.

Once your details are sent to the owner (or owners) they will contact you and you can verify availability and ask any other questions you may have. People have asked why we don't put an availability calendar on this site, but we don't recommend this to owners as it could pose a security risk by allowing thieves to identify when a villa is likely to be empty. Prices are quoted on the individual adverts, and you'll see that they are very competitive. A villa sleeping 10 people could cost as little as £7 ($12) per person per night. Try getting a hotel to match that rate

Once you confirm your booking, you will be asked to complete a booking form and pay a deposit. The owner will then send you a confirmation letter of your booking.

The balance is normally payable 8 weeks prior to departure, and you will normally be asked to pay an additional security deposit to cover any breakages during your stay. This will be returned to you provided you leave the property undamged.

When you have paid the balance, the owner will send you full details. This includes a map of how to find the villa. The address and phone number at the property (so that family in the UK can call you to check you arrived safely) and how to obtain the keys. Most villas have a lock box. this is a small box on the wall of the porch which contains a set of keys. To open it you will need a 4 digit access code which will be sent to you by the owner. This system means that you don't have to worry about finding an agent to collect your keys, you can just drive straight to your villa and begin your holiday.

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