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America is not a place to travel without adequate insurance. They don't have the NHS and hospitals will want to check your insurance before they offer treatment.  

The cost of travel insurance has come down substantially in recent years due to the entrance of supermarkets, banks and other providers who all compete to offer very competitive prices. You should take out insurance as soon as you book your trip, because most policies will cover you in the event that you have to cancel your holiday, otherwise you could find yourself paying for a holiday which you don't take! 

It may sound obvious, but don't leave your policy at home! If you are unlucky enough to need hospital treatment, you will have to produce the policy document so that the hospital can contact your insurer to obtain authorisation to treat you. An overnight stay in hospital will cost over £2000 (even if it's just for observation!) and that kind of sum would max out most people's credit cards if the hospital couldn't charge it direct to your insurance  

For minor treatment by the doctor, the charge will be more manageable, but could still be £100 - £200 by the time you have paid for prescription medicines. Check your policy as there is usually a limit below which you will have to pay the costs yourself and then claim them back when you get back home. Please make sure that you keep all the receipts for any expenditure, and ideally the name and phone number of the attending physician. That way you shouldn't have too many problems in getting reimbursed under your policy.

The other major cover which your policy gives is against theft/loss of luggage etc. Thankfully crime in Florida isn't as prevalent as you might believe from watching television. In our experience, many of the people who are victims of crime bear some responsibility 

If you do need to make a claim, it is important that any incident is reported to the police, and that you get a copy of the crime number so that your insurers can validate your claim. However, on the basis that prevention is better than cure, always follow these simple rules:

Don't keep your wallet in your outside back pocket Do lock your villa (and close windows and patio doors) when you go out Don't travel alone at night without a map unless you know where you are going

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