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   Packing Tips:

Florida is one of the easiest travel destinations to pack for, because you don't need to take much.

Dress is almost always casual, so a few T-shirts & shorts plus perhaps some trousers and a sweatshirt for the evenings if you are going in the winter, and you're pretty much done. Your villa will have a large washer and dryer, so you can get your clothes cleaned very easily.

Yo will definately want a swimming costume, but most villas will have towels so you shouldn't need to bring them. If your villa doesn't include pool towels, bring some old ones that you can throw away, and that will make space in your suitcase for everything you buy to bring back. Just about everything is cheaper in the USA, so there is a great temptation to stock up with Clothes, DVDs (but check they will play on your DVD player) etc, but remember that as it is outside the EEC, there is a limit of £140 per person on what you are allowed to bring back

If you are planning on visiting the parks, we'd recommend wearing trainers. Everyone does, even the octogenarians  and they are comfortable and practical when there is a lot of walking to do.

The rules on taking food into America are very strict, and as a general rule you can buy most UK products in Florida (although they are sometimes called by a different name). Teabags are worth taking if you enjoy a morning cuppa as much of the American variety is for making Iced Tea.

Even people with special dietary requirements should be able to find most things at Wal-Mart who stock gluten free products and soya milk for those who are lactose intolerant.

Sun cream is a must, and a high factor (SPF) is important, particularly for young children and those who burn easily.

Camera Bag - One accessory which is very worth having is a camera case which fits onto your belt. I also have an aditional beltclip fixed to mine which I clip to my belt loop so that even if my belt came off, I wouldn't lose my camera. Jessops sell some very good ones which have a waterproof cover which tucks inside the back of the bag when not in use. Mine was about £10 and carries my JVC Video Camera, a spare battery and a spare film, and although the case is waterproof enough for normal rain storms, the additional nylon cover means I can be confident on water rides that my camera isn't being ruined.

When packing your hand luggage, make sure you keep any medication that you need. Even if you won't need it until you land, if your luggage goes astray, you won't want to have to first get a new prescription

You should also have a document folder containing: your passports (which must have at least 6 months after your date of return left on them); tickets; car rental voucher; drivers license; insurance policy; travellers cheques; credit cards; directions to your villa.

It's worth taking a photocopy of all these documents and giving them to someone else in your party to look after. That way, even if you lose your bag you'll have copies for the authorities to work on. Your Traveller's cheques will come with a list of numbers which you should keep somewhere separate from the actual cheques. If the cheques are lost or stolen you will need these numbers to cancel the cheques and arrange replacements.

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